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CARSA is a Technology consultant company with over 24 years of experience in serving public and private organizations in terms of designing and developing innovation and technology strategies, in gathering in-depth experience in Project Management of complex collaborative projects, and in dealing and exploiting Knowledge Management.
In parallel with this on-the-field know-how, CARSA created and has been developing its own department of Education and Training, which main aim is at transferring and exploiting the knowledge and experience acquired throughout its time in the market. In addition to that, CARSA has a long and illustrious history of working on International projects. The company has performed with laudable success within the European framework for many years, and its consultants are well known within European circles for their professionalism and their willingness to perform to the best of their abilities.

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ASTRA - Association for innovation and development is a non-governmental non-for-profit training and research organization. Was established in 1998 and is focused mainly on the following types of activities:
- Educational and training activities with the special focus on e-learning and distance education
- Research and development activities
- Surveys, studies, and analyses to support regional development and its programming
- Development and implementation of the project supporting R&D
- Advisory and consultancy in the field of project management
- Human resource development
- Support of regional development through innovations, ICT, education and training activities
- Networking, know-how transfer, and development of regional, national and international cooperation
Astra has been a partner in several educational and research projects (e.g. TEMPUS PHARE, Leonardo da Vinci, and

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Institute for Applied Systems Technology Bremen GmbH – (ATB), Germany, founded in 1991 as a non-profit organisation by the State of Bremen, University Bremen and a group of industrial companies (Daimler, ATLAS Elektronik GmbH, and a number of SMEs from the Bremen region). ATB ha s a staff of 18 permanent and about 15 part time employees. The main strategic business areas of ATB are Systems Analysis & Design, Software Systems Technology and Knowledge Management.
Within the area of Systems Analysis & Design, ATB is supporting enterprises to improve their business processes. ATB strongly addresses training issues and establishment of self-learning organisations, supporting companies to identify their training needs and appropriate means, specifically in reference to the introduction of advanced ICT solutions. ATB is very active in the area of Technology Enhanced Learning in development of the collaborative learning topics and research of the connections among KM and eLearning.

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Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements - PIAP was established in 1965 as a R&D public non profit entity which basic task was preparing and implementing new technologies, automation systems, production plant and specialist measuring equipment in various branches of industry. Generally PIAP's activities are devoted to: scientific and technical research, design small and medium-sized production and to the introduction of modern automation techniques and systems including robotics to industrial enterprises, recycling, vocational training for SME's in automation and robotics, recycling, stimulating technological innovation, increasing of competitiveness, etc..
PIAP has also considerable experience in coordination and participation in national and international projects (LdV, 5, 6, 7 FP, EU Structural Funds). PIAP is an editor of science and technology periodic PAR - Pomiary, Automatyka, Robotyka and organise Annual International S&T Conference - AUTOMATICON.

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